Window to Worlds 2: Out 24 December 2021!

An art zine showcasing original worlds, characters and stories.
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A sneak peek at what's inside:

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A huge thank you to all the artists and managers who contributed their time and talents to our 2021 edition:

Bloomingtea (admin & artist)
Circlejourney (admin & artist)
Liantreecastle (admin & artist)
2DPyramid (artist)
Aileen (artist)
Anolee (artist)
Arlinoire (artist)
AuthorOfLight (artist)
Bearanium (artist)
bluejaypace (artist)
ChessWanderlust-Sama (artist)
classicturtle (artist)
Denny 'boxed.den' (artist)
DustandMarbles (artist)
faust (artist)
Foxythemoron (artist)
gar (artist)
GuruNeko (artist)
Hanniie (artist)
Hhyou (artist)
hurrakka (artist)
Icun-P (artist)
Ikleyvey (artist)
Indigoed (artist)
Jan (artist)
jukeboxes (artist)
justtheblueberry (artist)
kellerybird (artist)
Kornderia (artist)
KS (artist)
lambentUmbra (artist)
LanaeComics (artist)
LittleRain (artist)
Maeko (artist)

Maka (artist)
Mali (artist)
Mangolee (artist)
Marlo Rose (artist)
Mayaneiro (artist)
Memento Moray (artist)
Miles Jonathan (artist)
Moe Lewis (artist)
Monarch (artist)
Musikbox (artist)
nekhcore (artist)
Nier (artist)
Nooshi (artist)
Pierce (artist)
Pine Niidles Illustration (artist)
Piranhartist (artist)
PishPoshBaGosh (artist)
Punto (artist)
rae (artist)
Randoxide (artist)
RedRosesRot (artist)
rhododaktulos (artist)
Ryuuki (artist)
Serrannitto (artist)
Sie D-F (artist)
SlavaDe (artist)
splenectomy (artist)
taka (artist)
Tavisi (artist)
Valcuum (artist)
Valtameri (artist)
Victor Hannibal (artist)
wafflability (artist)
ysther (artist)

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A huge thank you to all the artists who contributed their talents to our 2020 edition: